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Feeling Upset is Natural

It comes to you automatically when things do not favor you or do not turn out to be the way you thought they would. However, the phase should be temporary... mean bkn dari malam sampai ke pagi ok... hehee... =) and not something that stretches over to a long period of time. It is very essential to learn how to control one’s feeling of being upset over matters or things, because being too depressed could hamper your behavior and thus, your regular mode of living. Read on further to find some tips for controlling your feelings when upset.

How to Control My Feelings When Upset ?
  • The best way is to take a deep breath and count backwards numbers, from 10 to 1. It would make you calmer. Now, pick up the phone and talk to the person whom you are upset with and clarify all the issues.

  • Write a list of things which make you upset and things which irritate you and then tear the page and throw it in the dustbin or even go for burning the page up!

  • Do things which you enjoy. Indulge in your favorite past time like singing, dancing, cooking, listening to music, reading or going for a walk.

  • Play a game or a sport you love ( karaoke youtube pun ok gak.. heheee). It would lighten your heart and would give a boost to your spirit.

  • Call your friends. (feel free call me if korang rasa upset yee, kita ngumpat bnyk3. heheee....) Have long chats with them or even plan the day out. Catch up with them and do things which you loved doing.

  • If you have the habit of maintaining a diary, write all that you are feeling right now. You might realize that you are feelings 10 times better after doing it.

  • Make a list of things that you are good at and things which you enjoy doing. Refreshing your mind with your own positive qualities and things which you are best at. This would help you regain your spirit.

Hopefully this article can give BIG benefits to me and all of my frens...

Dengan pesanan... NO MORE MOODY2 LG OK... =)

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